Make Better Investment Choices

It's all about risk.


For any investment project, there are hundreds of risks and opportunities needing consideration. Busy executives need a tool to filter and focus them to the 20 most important issues.


At Amplios, we have developed a method for scenario-based investment risk assessment which can be applied to more than 40 industry categories in more than 100 cities, worldwide.


By this method, we can advise our members on the "Go/Nogo" choices they must make on a frequent basis.

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If you have an investment project idea, tell us the high level industry group (e.g. Retail) and the central city (e.g. Shanghai) and we will generate a reading list containing typical "must know" risk and opportunity factors for your project.

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Typical reading time is less than 8 hours.

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Emerging from the Covid-19 Epidemic.


Start-ups are being built to face the new normal.

Although we need to follow the usual steps, a preference for online solutions now prevails.

Below is an example image from our research into music streaming. Click on the image to view.

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