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Amplios is a management consultancy aimed at improving the quality of life of communities by application of performance improvement techniques in both private enterprise and government institutions. The spectrum of organizational activities covered ranges from strategic foresight through business planning to continuous improvement. Our clients include major multinationals, many small-to-medium enterprises and government institutions in Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East. 




Amplios is the developer of web-based solutions for strategic foresight and many of the management tools involved in the performance improvement value chain.


One of our strategic foresight studies, for the State Trading Organization of the Maldives, has recently been published by Wylie in the text Scenario Planning by strategic foresight consultant Woody Wade. Our views on Key Performance Indicators have been published in April 2016 by The KPI Institute. Our President, Wilson Fyffe, has recently completed a 3-year term as a member of the Global Board of Directors of the Professional Risk Management International Association (www.prmia.org).



To view an interview of Wilson Fyffe by Chaos Theory Futurist Bruno Marion from France, click here.


To view a paper prepared by Wilson Fyffe and published by PRMIA in their January 2019 newsletter, click here. To download a copy of the original paper, click here.

To view a paper on Scenario-based Business Investment Risk Assessment, please contact us.

To view a paper on Double Direction Investment Risk Management click here.





Amplios Risk has been established in 2010 after 2 years' research into future studies methods by consulting futurist Wilson Fyffe. It is a wholly-owned strategic business unit of Amplios Consultants Pte Ltd, originally established in Australia in 1972.




The vision of the Amplios Risk is to continuously provide high quality services in organization performance improvement strategic foresight to the global community.


The organization's values are based in respect for human dignity and the rule of law. We support the declaration of human rights.


Our immediate goal is to be ranked in the top 20 strategic foresight service providers globally by 31 December 2025.



Our strategy is to add value to the services already provided by:

  • the established professional associations

  • LinkedIn

  • strategy consultants

  • business intelligence software vendors


We also provide online and in-class training in Strategic Foresight and the supporting management tools via our affiliate, the Amplios Academy (under upgrade).




Our people resources are provided by our network of subject matter experts, many of whom lead our local chapters.

Our geopolitical risk expert is Peter Cockcroft, who is acknowledged as a worldwide energy expert. He has lived and worked in 6 different countries as an executive for various energy companies and Governments, and has held board positions in public companies in Australia, Indonesia, UAE, Kuwait, India, France, and USA, and was a Chairman in five of those corporations. 

For further details, please contact us.

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Our core methodology is our horizon scanning to discover the future events our clients should consider in making investment choices. Click on the "Raid Due Diligence" gallery below fore more ...


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Technology visits the travel industry

Peter Cockcroft
Geopolitical Risk Expert

Our Clients

We have more than 3,000 clients for our services. Some examples are shown in the images below:

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