Companies' Potential Assessment

In this service we assess the potential of a company for long term profitability and hence value improvement. The company can be a publicly listed corporation or a privately owned one. The techniques we use are based on "long-term fundamental analysis', a tool well known to the financial services industry. From our experience, we add some facilities for consideration of what the potential of the company might be over the next 5 years.


Note that we are not licensed financial advisors and any decisions made by investors based on our methods are at their own risk. We accept no responsibility for actual results.

An introduction to "Long-term fundamental analysis" can be viewed in the video opposite.

Our team's experience over the past 40 years reveals several significant points:

  1. Companies are usually specialists in particular industries (there are usually 40 categories in the stock market listings);

  2. Industries tend to follow the industry maturity cycle as described in the Boston Consulting Group's industry maturity matrix (click on image opposite);

  3. Whilst being influenced by their position on the maturity curve, companies are also influenced by the global boom-recession cycles resulting from the efforts of the various central banks to manage economic growth, balance of trade and currency values (amongst many other factors) Click on Khan Academy image opposite to view more.

To view an example of company potential analysis in operation in a web demonstration, please contact us.

For our web demonstration, you can anonymously enter values for your own or a target company to perform a rapid assessment of its potential over the next 5 years.

Benchmarking against international listed companies
Below is the introductory table from our data source.

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