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We are a forum for exchange of ideas about alternate futures for Planet Earth, covering a wide range of topics and locations. Please join us in our journey of discovery.



Over the past 50 years, steady progress has been made in the development of techniques for the management of risk. The success of the Internet, the power of computing and social media have all combined to encourage a new approach. You will find this here. 

Our competitive advantage is that we provide you with a competitive advantage in doing your job as a risk and opportunity analyst. We do this by providing rapid, online tools that combine best practice in scenario planning, horizon scanning and trends analysis to provide the world's most advanced solution in this field.


Our main services are the provision of management training in strategic foresight and our Rapid Due Diligence tool for assessment of the risks involved in major investment choices. 

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Breaking News:


We are now able to link to data from 93,000 publicly listed corporations. Read more here. Also, in our online training programs, we have now introduced randomized testing together with immediate online verification of certificates of completion.

Internal Audit for Risk

Our research has shown a strong need for "Rapid Due Diligence" tools to assist Internal Audit in measuring the effectiveness of a company's control over investment risk. The investment may be in an internal project or an external opportunity. Hundreds of these pass by the desks of busy executives daily. They need a reliable, fast means of making "go/no-go" choices, then explain their reasoning later to their colleagues. We now have a tool for this, explained in our "E-Learning" page, in our "Tools for Risk Management" section. For more details, click here.

Our Ongoing Activities:


We have developed an innovative set of tools to assist our users in the improvement of performance in their business processes, ranging from risk management to productivity improvement.

To view a brief introduction, please click

on the video below. 

International resources conflicts appear to be increasing.

 We review these in our workshops.


Energy is a major issue in most future investment studies.

 We have a comprehensive set of source documents.

Our President, Wilson Fyffe was interviewed in Singapore recently by Consulting Futurist Bruno Marion of Paris. http://www.brunomarion.com/. Bruno is the author of the bestseller "Chaos - a user's guide"

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