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Future Studies, also known as Strategic Foresight or Scenario Planning, are a form of risk management. The method is generally based on the work of the corporate planning team at Royal Dutch Shell. A good introduction to the topic is available in the text by Woody Wade, which includes a case study by our President, Wilson Fyffe. Click on the image opposite for more details.


Brief video introductions to the topic are available at the following links:


A well respected introduction is available in the paper by Australian futurist, Maree Conway.


Database and Project Approaches


Database approaches to future studies are available from several services around the globe. Some examples are:



Global Risk Assessments


One of the leading sources of global risk advice can be found at Eurasia Group. A copy of their Top Risks 2019 can be downloaded by clicking on the image to the right.


An international initiative for education-based sustainable development can be found at Earth Charter.


Personal Futures


An interesting series to assist individuals to plan their way forward is available at Goalcast


National Risk Assessments


National risk assessment is conducted by most governments around the globe. An example of this work by the Singapore government can be seen by clicking on the "Sentiment Analysis" image to the right.


In 2010, the Singapore government invited leading futurists from around the globe to assist with this project. Our President, Wilson Fyffe, based in Singapore, was able to meet them personally to exchange views.


Major International Consultancies


There are a growing number of major consultancies providing services in Strategic Foresight.


To view some of their materials, click on the images in the gallery opposite.


Applied Future Studies


As the world trading environment becomes more complex, a practical approach to application of the lessons learned, in particular for Small-to-Medium Enterprises ("SMEs") has become a urgent requirement. 


At The Futurist Institute, we have developed such a facility. The main steps involves comprehensive horizon scanning and rapid opportunity ranking, supported by an e_Learning capability to build the lessons learned into the institutions.


In response to client requirements, we have a particular focus on export earnings.


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