Futurism & Futurists

Future Studies, also known as Strategic Foresight or Scenario Planning, are a form of risk management as defined by ISO31000. The method is generally based on the work of the corporate planning team at Royal Dutch Shell. A good introduction to the topic is available in the text by Woody Wade, which includes a case study by our President, Wilson Fyffe. Click on the "Scenario Planning" image opposite/below for more details.

A world leader in Future Studies is Australia's Gerry Brady, the author of the BOOM Finance & Economics Weekly Publication. To visit his blog, click on the image opposite.

Brief video introductions to the topic are available at the following links:

Database and Project Approaches


Database approaches to future studies are available from several services around the globe. We have evaluated most and have found the Futures Platform to be a leader in thus field with whom we have established a global marketing partnership.

Marketing via Subagents

We perform our marketing of the Strategic Foresight software via a network of partners who have excellent knowledge of particular industries in particular locations. To apply for a marketing sub-agency please contact us.


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