Foreign Direct Investment Welcome Template


Our Amplios organization has extensive experience in assisting national, state and local governments in improving their performance in delivering valuable outcomes to their stakeholders.


In this page, we introduce our template for a website to be used by government organizations anywhere in the world to play a more active role in directly attracting foreign direct investment.


The main sections of a website designed to attract foreign direct investment will have contents like this: 


1.   About Our Country

2.   About Our State

3.   About Our Province / City

4.   Investment Opportunities

5.   Contact Us


These main sections will have subsections like these:


1.   About Our Country

  •       Our History

  •       Our Future Plans 

  •       Our Infrastructure

  •       Tax Incentives

2.   About Our State

  •       Our International Transport Hubs

  •       Security

  •       Environment Management

  •       Heritage Management

3.   About Our Province / City

  •       Our Vision 

  •       Our People

  •       Our City Infrastructure

  •       International Education

  •       International Health

4.   Investment Opportunities

      Examples of investment opportunities in our Province / City are as


  •           Renewable Energy

  •           Port Facilities 

  •           Chemicals

  •           Coal and granite

  •           Communications

  •           Palm plantations

  •           Plywood

  •           Sugar

  •           Textiles and garments

5.   Contact Us

      For further details of the investment oporunities and our investment

      environment please contact us.

The investor may want to know the country's position on the international millennium goals for topics such as:


Goal 1: Eradicating Extreme Poverty and Hunger
Goal 2: Achieving Universal Basic Education
Goal 3: Promoting Gender Equality and Empowering Women
Goal 4: Reducing Child Mortality
Goal 5: Improving Maternal Health
Goal 6: Combating HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Other Diseases
Goal 7: Ensuring Environmental Sustainability

Some of the main things for the designers of the government investment attraction website to bear in mind are:


1. The international competition for foreign direct investment is very intense. The potential investors have an obligation to their stakeholders to perform a thorough investment environment survey and to objectively assess the risks and benefits of each potential investment location and each opportunity.


2. The potential foreign investors prefer to have all information translated for them in their own language


3. Since there are so many countries and foreign languages involved on the investor side, local government organizations should choose, for example, their top 5-10 preferred sources of foreign direct investment investment and offer translations of their website and download documents in those languages.


For example, a local government province, depending on its target investment sources, may have its website translations available in all or a selection of:

  • English

  • German

  • French

  • Dutch

  • Italian

  • Russian

  • Spanish

  • Portuguese

  • Japanese

  • Korean

  • Mandariin

  • Arabic


The investor's evaluation team will need to assess factors such as:

  • Incentives

  • Political Stability

  • Social Infrastructure

  • Physical Infrastructure

  • Macroeconomic Environment

  • Institutional Developments

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