Government Planners


Globally, governments are learning from private enterprise to build the kind of policy and regulatory environments conducive to enhancing the welfare of citizens.


We have recently introduced the concepts of Risk Justification via Scenario Thinking to most of the CFOs of the government departments in the Government of Singapore.


Our other government clients include:


  • Malaysian Central Bank

  • Malaysian Airports

  • Malaysian Agriculture - FELCRA

  • Malaysian International Investment, MIDA

  • Brunei Prime Minister's Department

  • Brunei Gas Carriers

  • India National Thermal Power Corporation

  • Indonesia's Oil & Gas Authority, Pertamina

  • Sri Lanka Central Bank

  • Papua New Guinea Education

  • Vietnam PetroViet

  • Oman Petroleum Development Authority

  • Maldives State Trading Organization

  • Maldives Water

  • Kazakhstan Uranium Exploration

  • Tanzania Construction Board

  • Ghana Ministry of Trade


We have worked with the IMF and World Bank officers on emerging economy development projects.

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